Patricia’s Food Tips

Adjusting You Family Favorites

If you want to experiment with adjusting favorite recipes your family doesn’t want to give up, try to eliminate or drastically reduce any flour in the recipe. Other ingredients to keep to a minimum are cornstarch or other thickeners, rice, potato, and bread, including croutons and bread crumbs. In some cases, you can substitute ingredients to help make up for the lack of flour. For example, using light or heavy cream in a sauce rather than milk will allow you to reduce the need for flour. Sometimes you can add an egg or some cheese to make up for the bread in a recipe.


Cabbage is my new favorite food! It is such a versatile vegetable that can be eaten raw or cooked. It contains dietary fiber as well as vitamins and minerals. It has almost no carbs, and very few calories so it is a perfect addition to many meals. I use raw cabbage in coleslaw of various types and in salads to add bulk and texture. Cut cabbage into thin strips, boil and then add to a plate half full of whole wheat pasta – you can have a full plate of pasta this way, with only half the normal carbs. Cut cabbage into 1″ pieces, cook and use to replace rice under a stir-fry. Add cut cabbage to any stir-fry as a main vegetable. Add cabbage to almost any soup to add bulk & flavor.


Now that summer is officially here, let’s look at one of the staples of our summer menu and try to liven it up a bit. We eat a lot of coleslaw, especially in summer. It is one salad that keeps well even when dressed, so you can make a big batch and keep it in the fridge until you need it. It is a great addition to any summer lunch or dinner, picnic or BBQ. How can we make it a little more appealing or interesting? I like to put some additional crunch or additional flavor in our coleslaw with ingredients like sunflower seeds (either raw or roasted), green or red grapes cut in half, small pieces of apple, small amounts of raisin. All of these additions will add color, flavor and texture to give your summer coleslaw a lift. Be careful with the raisins and apples so you don’t add too many, as they are higher in carbs. Add just enough to enhance the look and taste of your coleslaw. Please send us your special tips for living low carb.