About Us

I started eating a moderated low-carb diet in order to lose weight in 1999. I have as they say, “Come a long way, baby”! As each year passes I am even more passionate about this approach to eating and the many benefits that accrue from it. And as each year passes, Harv and I learn more and discover ways to streamline and revise our plan.

SLOW CARB FOR LIFE is the culmination of all this learning and experience.

I dedicated myself to a low carb approach to food after losing over 40 pounds just before my 50th birthday. Of course I love that I am back to the slim person I was in my early 20’s. I love to go clothes shopping and migrate to the rack that says size 8! But it is really how I feel, and the many health benefits that I realized, that dominated my decision.

Within 10 days of starting to eat a modified low carb diet, the symptoms of a bowel disease called colitis that I had suffered from my teens completely disappeared. Not only was I free from the pain and discomfort that had dominated my life for over 20 years, but all of a sudden I had so much energy that I hardly recognized myself. I had always been someone who had “low” periods in the middle of the day, and then fell asleep while watching the evening news. I just thought I was over tired. I now know that it was my low fat diet with the high concentration of carbs that made me feel this way.

By consuming too many high carb foods in my quest to eat low fat, I was challenging my body to keep up with the requirement to produce insulin to digest these foods. My body responded by overproducing the insulin, which then caused me to experience low blood sugar with the associated feelings of tiredness, lethargy, mood swings and fuzzy headedness. All of these unwelcome symptoms have completely disappeared since switching to a slow carb lifestyle.

I still eat slow carb, not to lose any more weight, but to maintain my weight and the positive health benefits of this approach to eating. I am living, breathing proof of the old adage, “You are what you eat!” Our slow carb approach is a major refinement of our earlier approach detailed in our first books, EASY LOW CARB LIVING© 2002 and EASY LOW CARB COOKING© 2002. We now know the difference between the good carbs that gradually turn to blood sugar over time, and the highly refined carbs that almost instantly turn to blood sugar. With attention to some new science and by following our guidelines, anyone can realize a slimmer more energetic self, while eating delicious and healthy foods.

It is important for you to know that I love to eat! I love to cook and bake! This hasn’t changed. I never go hungry and I enjoy a large variety of foods and flavors in my meals. That was the whole point of developing our All New and completely revised cookbook. What has changed are my food choices and the methods I use to prepare them.

I hope you will consider adopting a slow carb lifestyle to realize some of these benefits yourself. I would be happy to hear from any reader who has questions about living a slow carb lifestyle, the easy, healthy and flexible way.