Is red lipstick right for you?

Most women don’t feel secure regarding sporting a bright shade of red lipstick on their full lips(lippen aufspritzen kosten). Most of them believe that a red lipstick is way too bright and dramatic for them, which calls an excessive amount of attention on their lips. Some suppose that such vivid shade of lipstick would cause them look humorous and unattractive.

Makeup artists and few women realize that a deep red lipstick if applied properly can be very appealing. Lips will seem fuller as well as stimulate a kissable desire, when red lipstick is applied. You see, men for some odd reason instinctively get aroused by seeing women sporting luscious red lips, It has been this way for centuries.

Back in the day a women was considered beautiful by revealing how healthy she was. Being voluptuous, with large milk feeding breasts and hips wide enough to carry a child safely to term was what men looked for in a woman. Also, the woman should have a rosy color to her lips and cheeks, which indicated great blood flow.

Men, by nature, search out for women who can give them healthy children, and this is why they look for deep red lips, which signifies that the woman can accomplish this. This may sound barbaric and harsh and many men do not realize this is what is happening, but it safe to say that is why red full lips are sought after.

If applied correctly red lipstick can be subtle enough and not look brash. One way is to match your skin hue to the lipstick. For instance, if you are pale and light with a rosy hue in your skin then your lipstick should be more of a plum color. On the other hand, if you have a more deep rich tone with a hint of gold, then you need to apply a red lipstick that has a brown hue to it.

You need to also think about the shape and size of your lips since a red color will make them appear bigger and fuller. Smaller lips tend to benefit from bright reds whereas full lips will look best with a deeper red having a mixture of brown or blue in it.

Once you have decided what color is best for you, you need to figure out how it should be applied. Just like painting on a canvas you have to prime and prepare the face and lips for the application of your makeup. This is a standard practice done by most professional makeup artists.

First you need a foundation to build on so dab a very light coat on your lips, and then dust it off with a bit of powder, causing a polished look to your lips once you are done. This technique will also help to keep the lipstick in place.

Now carefully take a sharp outline and outline your lips. The color you use is based on the color of your lipstick and this will help in keeping the lipstick from running off your lips.

Then, when applying your red lipstick, use a lip brush to make sure the correct amount is put on your lips. Start from the middle and work to the corners. As always, use a piece of paper by kissing it to remove any excess and then dust on a little bit of face powder.

Wearing a deep red lipstick will not only make your lips appealing, but also make your overall appearance striking. Always make sure to compliment your red lips with the proper makeup. An example is if you have deep red lips, do not over shadow them with extravagant eye shadow, instead apply just a light shade of apply none at all. You do not want to look like a clown.

When applied correctly there should be no fear in wearing a bright shade of red lipstick, so go out and show the world you full red lips in all their glory.